redefining social media through solana

Join us in the exciting world of blockchain and social media, where innovation meets opportunity. Whether you're a seasoned crypto pro or just getting started, we're your launchpad to explore, learn, and thrive in this transformative space. Let's embark on this incredible journey together in combining Web2 and Web3 in one single platform.
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blockmate feels like home

In a world of endless digital possibilities, it's comforting to find a social media platform that feels like home from the very first click. BlockMate has taken the essence of traditional social media and seamlessly blended it with the power of blockchain technology, creating an environment that is both innovative and remarkably familiar. We've ensured that our platform mirrors the familiar aspects of traditional social media platforms, making the transition smooth and enjoyable for users.

Robust Content Publishing

Experience an advanced publishing system that empowers your users to share an array of content, from photos and videos to polls, gifs, audio files, documents, and trending hashtags.

Efficient User Following

Our user following system enables seamless connections. Users can follow others to curate their feeds and maintain control over their list of followers.

Instant Messaging Solutions

Enjoy a messaging system that facilitates quick and easy communication with friends. Share photos, videos, and audio messages, keeping conversations engaging and dynamic.

Private User Profiles

Our platform prioritizes user privacy. Users can create private profiles, safeguarding their account information and maintaining complete control over their content.

Leverage the Affiliate Program

Harness the power of our affiliate program. Users have the opportunity to earn rewards by inviting others to join our thriving social network community. Together, we grow and prosper.

DAPPs integration

Enjoy access to different dApps without having to leave our platform from advance multi-chain swap to NFT tools, built-in wallet, decentralized escrow system, stats of different tokens and many more.

Ad Platform

For years, the cryptocurrency industry has grappled with a significant challenge: advertising restrictions. Major social media platforms, search engines, and even traditional ad networks have imposed stringent rules against crypto-related ads. Our Ad Platform is set to become a game-changer for crypto advertisers, a place where they can not only reach their target audience but also engage in meaningful conversations with a community that shares their passion.

blockmate api

The BlockMate API is a set of tools and resources designed to allow developers to seamlessly integrate their applications, services, or platforms with the BlockMate ecosystem. It provides a direct link to our social media network, allowing you to harness the power of our community, user data, and engagement for your own unique projects.

introducing $mate

The BlockMate Token ($MATE) plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem of BlockMate. $MATE is the heartbeat of the BlockMate ecosystem. As our native token, $MATE empowers users to create, engage, and govern their decentralized social experience. With $MATE, you control your data, reward creators, discover remarkable content, and influence the platform's future. Join our community and embrace the power of $MATE in shaping a social media landscape built on trust, freedom, and user empowerment. Connect with like-minded individuals, explore blockchain's possibilities, and be a part of the decentralized revolution. Your voice matters; make it heard with $MATE.
It's important to note that the exact tokenomics and use cases for $MATE may vary depending on the project's design and governance decisions. These use cases are designed to create a thriving and self-sustaining ecosystem where users are incentivized to contribute, engage, and help shape the future of decentralized social media on BlockMate.

Share in Success

At BlockMate, we believe that every user should share in the success of our platform. That's why we've created a Revenue Sharing Program designed to reward your active participation. By simply engaging with our ecosystem, you can earn a share of the advertising fees collected on our platform. It's our way of recognizing your contributions to our community. Join us in shaping the future of social media and reap the benefits of our commitment to user empowerment and transparency. Your presence matters, and so do your rewards.


Meet the dedicated individuals who are shaping the future of social media with BlockMate. These are just a few of the dedicated individuals who make up the BlockMate team. Together, we are committed to creating a decentralized social media platform that empowers users, prioritizes privacy, and celebrates the potential of blockchain technology. Join us on this exciting journey towards a better digital world.
CEO and Co-Founder
With a deep passion for blockchain technology and a vision for a more user-centric social media experience, Carl founded BlockMate.
CTO and Co-Founder
Xin is the tech genius behind BlockMate's blockchain architecture and innovative features.
lead developer
Rich is the driving force behind the development and technical aspects of BlockMate.
Justine brings artistic flair and creativity to the BlockMate team.
Chief Marketing Officer
Gibs spearheads our outreach efforts, ensuring that BlockMate reaches a global audience.
Head of Community
Shey curates and manages the content that flows through BlockMate.

Your Social Advantage Over Major Platforms

In a world where the crypto community is thriving and blockchain technology is reshaping industries, having a dedicated platform like BlockMate offers a distinct advantage over using major social media platforms. Here's why:

Crypto-Centric Conversations

On BlockMate, crypto discussions take center stage. Unlike major social media platforms where crypto topics can get buried in a sea of diverse content, here, you'll find focused and relevant discussions on blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and more

Privacy and Data Ownership

We prioritize your privacy and data ownership. With BlockMate, you have control over your personal and financial information. Your data remains your own, protected within a platform that values security and transparency.

Real Community Engagement

On BlockMate, user engagement is authentic and meaningful. It's not driven by algorithms, but by genuine interest. You connect with people who share your crypto passions, leading to more genuine interactions.

Crypto Tools and Features

Our platform in the future will offer a range of crypto-specific tools and features, from integrated wallets to real-time price tracking and ICO updates. Everything you need for your crypto journey is in one place.

Knowledge Sharing Hub

BlockMate is a hub for knowledge sharing. Here, you'll encounter experts, enthusiasts, and newcomers sharing insights, tips, and educational content. It's an excellent place to learn, grow, and stay updated on the latest industry developments.

Minimal Ad Intrusion

BlockMate is designed to offer a clutter-free experience. Unlike major platforms that can be flooded with ads, we keep ad intrusions to a minimum, ensuring you can focus on the content and discussions that matter.


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We invite you to join us in building a future where communities come together without compromising their digital rights. BlockMate is your platform, your voice, and your opportunity to be part of a decentralized revolution.

Ready to connect with like-minded individuals, share your thoughts freely, and take control of your online experience? Join BlockMate today and be part of a community that values genuine connections and user empowerment. Together, we're connecting communities, not data.

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